NYtimes | Which Art Fair Is for You? Let Our Critic Be Your Guide

This fair is for you if you want nothing but the best. Carefully curated and stylish to a fault, TriBeCa’s Independent tends to feel more like a biennial than a trade show, with nearly a third of its exhibitors from outside the United States. The curation cuts both ways: You can be sure all the work will look good, but you won’t get the gambler’s high that comes from hunting through a noisy crowd for a piece that really strikes you. Look out this year for confidently colorful painting, especially the charming intricacies of the self-taught artist Dorothy Iannone, curvy brass sculpture by Hanna Sandin, and a reprise, in case you missed her show at Canada Gallery, of Katherine Bernhardt’s E.T. paintingsMarch 6-8; Spring Studios at 50 Varick Street; independenthq.com/new-york.