Nicelle Beauchene Gallery | Spectrum Suite 

 Spectrum Suite  

July 18 - August 16, 2013

curated by Ned Colclough

Elaine Cameron-Weir 

Laeh Glenn 

Anya Kielar 

Hanna Sandin 

Patricia Treib 

Betty Woodman                


C.D. Wright 

the breath the trees the bridge the road the rain the sheen the breath the line the skin the vineyard the fences the leg the water the breath the shift the hair the wheels the shoulder the breath the lane the streak the lining the hour the reasons the name the distance the breath the scent the dogs the blear the lungs  the breath the glove  the signal the turn the need the steps the lights the door the mouth the tongue the eyes the burn the burned the burning      

Three Fifths Charlemagne Palestine 

Ordinanza 11/77 Franco Bonfanti & Giancarlo Barigozzi 

Midsummer Night Toshifumi Hinata 

Abraham’s Theme Vangelis 

Transfer Station Blue Michael Shrieve/Kevin Shrieve/Klaus Schulze 

Phases of the Three Moons Andreas Vollenweider Ayers

Rock Bubble Eyes Wally Badarou River 

Interior Minimal Tape 1/8 Pyrolator  

Evening Shadows Hiroshi Sato 

Atti Haruomi Hosono 

Oceanheart Harald Grosskopf 

Merlin’s Suite-Return Peaceful Solutions 

A Third Trombone Phill Niblock 

The 6th Wave-Deep in the Sea Suzanne Ciani